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Ali Bekou
Date de naissance : 1 janvier 1981
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Messagerie instantanée : bekouali (MSN)
Site Web : http://www.alibekou.canalblog.com
Pays : Maroc
Code Postal : 14300


Quelques mots sur moi

I am an EFL teacher in Morocco. I personally moderate this Webpage and I hope it will be one of your favourites. This Blog revolves around teaching and learning English a Foreign language.
Go through the headlines and discover yourselfs. Everything is at your hand.

Mes centres d'intérêt

Encyclopedic Knowledge, Pedagogy, Business, Politics, Education, Psychology, Computer Science

Mes films préférés

Notebook, A Walk To Remember, The Edge of Love, The Illusionist, The Sixth Sense, Mamma Mia and so many others..

Mes musiques préférées

High Hopes, Hero, Ten Days, I am Walking Away, Three Little Birds, Exodus, Gimme gimme Gimme, Winds of Change, There is Peace and the list is extensive

Mes livres préférés

Un Marocain a NewYork, One hundred years of solitude, Sons and Lovers, pygmalion, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and Other books of Educational Psychology and education in general