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Ali Bekou
Date de naissance : 1 janvier 1981
Email : Contactez-moi
Messagerie instantanée : bekouali (Google Talk)
Site Web : http://www.alibekou.canalblog.com
Pays : Maroc
Ville : sale
Code Postal : 10100


Quelques mots sur moi

I am an EFL teacher in Morocco. I personally moderate this Webpage and I hope it will be one of your favourites. This Blog revolves around teaching and learning English as Foreign language.
Go through the headlines and discover yourself. Everything is at your hand.

Mes centres d'intérêt

Encyclopedic Knowledge, Pedagogy, Business, Politics, Education, Psychology, Computer Science

Mes films préférés

Notebook, A Walk To Remember, The Edge of Love, The Illusionist, The Sixth Sense, Mamma Mia and so many others..

Mes musiques préférées

High Hopes, Hero, Ten Days, I am Walking Away, Three Little Birds, Exodus, Gimme gimme Gimme, Winds of Change, There is Peace and the list is extensive

Mes livres préférés

Un Marocain a NewYork, One hundred years of solitude, Sons and Lovers, pygmalion, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and Other books of Educational Psychology and education in general